TRYBER is a community of more than 50,000 software testers worldwide. With such high numbers, it is not easy to stand out and get noticed. Especially if you have only been part of our world for a short time.

In addition to helping you make extra money, we want you to have the best possible experience on our platform. There are no secrets to doing that, it just takes a little perseverance and commitment.

And then who knows: you might always find yourself really passionate about Software Testing. TRYBER could thus mark the beginning of a new and exciting career.

So here are the 5 things you need to do to succeed on TRYBER:

1. Never stop learning

Training is a key aspect of your experience here. Through it you can achieve a threefold positive effect:

  • A trained Tryber is able to provide quality work, this allows him to get noticed by Tryber Leaders who manage paid campaigns and to be recognized as an effective and reliable tester. These qualities are rewarded on our platform, as a result he will be rewarded with more campaigns to participate in.
  • In Bug Finding campaigns, the payout obtained also varies according to the number of bugs found and their severity. It is not hard to imagine how a more prepared Tryber will be able to report more bugs and of higher severity.
  • What you learn may also come in handy for activities outside our community.

Plus, all training on TRYBER is free! The first step is to complete the basic courses. After that you can learn more about everything you’re interested in on our University, on our YouTube channel, through the communications we send out via social media (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook), and on our Newsletter. Finally, you can test your skills in the Training Challenges active in the dashboard each week.

2. Get active as early as possible during campaigns

Responsiveness is another quality that is highly valued by our entire Team. By activating right away you allow us to identify any problems in the test flow early and spread the workload throughout the campaign. You will also have more time to spend on testing to do an even better job.

3. Don’t just report a bug in bug hunting activities.

Every campaign is different and has its own constraints as well as its own difficulties, so it is not always easy to find truly valuable bugs if the product is well done. Often, however, one is dealing with software still in the production phase that is full of flaws waiting to be found. In any case, you should try to give your best effort to each task by reporting all the bugs you can find during a careful and thorough analysis. Don’t just do the bare minimum to access the payout; Tryber Leaders notice this kind of behavior as well.

4. Fill out the bug form flawlessly.

You should know that being good at spotting bugs counts for little if you are not able to make others understand them. Each form must follow the rules for filling in and any additional rules on the manual, only in this way can you understand the problem at a glance. Remember that bugs, once approved, can be viewed directly by the client. So it is also important to avoid grammatical or typographical errors.

5. Read well the instructions in the campaign manual.

It is easy to get lost in careless reading in a frenzy to complete the task. Many mistakes can be avoided by reading all the directions well. In addition, each campaign has a dedicated Telegram channel (the link is on the manual) where you can find answers to common doubts and tips for completing the activity. Along with the channel you will find the Telegram contact of the Tryber Leader (TL) who is following the activity. You can contact the TL at any time if you need support, but remember to follow these rules:

  • make sure your question has not already been answered on the campaign’s Telegram channel or even in the manual;
  • to report a bug fill out the bug form directly, only then can the TLs tell you whether it is valid or not;
  • always indicate your Tryber ID and the ID of the campaign for which you are requesting support;
  • try to be direct and concise, the TLs have to respond to many Trybers, this way you can simplify their work. Avoid sending voice or video messages that are too long.

Now that you know what to do to get noticed in our community all you need is a little perseverance and willingness to learn. If you have made it this far you are already starting out in the right spirit.

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